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Thermal Engineering Conference

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Tsinghua - Seoul National - Kyoto University
         Thermal Engineering Conference

From the beginning of 21st century, the Tsinghua-Seoul National-Kyoto university Thermal Engineering Conference, or Three Asian University conference, is annually held for the exchange of knowledge in thermal engineering fields and the promotion of the friendship among the three leading universities in East Asia, Tsinghua University in Beijing, Seoul National University in Seoul and Kyoto University in Kyoto. Recently, successful conferences are held in each country in turn with a large contribution from the host university. The significant meetings are now led by Liang Xingang from Tsinghua University, Mansoo Choi from Seoul National University and Hideo Yoshida from Kyoto University as of 2015.

The Three Asian University conference continues to be one of the most friendly meeting and a good example of the close friendship in the east Asian countries.

Founding Co-Chairpersons:

Li Zhi-Xin
Tsinghua University
Lee Joon Sik
Seoul National University
Makino Toshiro
Kyoto University

Conference Co-Chairpersons (as of 2020):

Liang Xingang
Tsinghua University
Kim Min Soo
Seoul National University
Iwai Hiroshi
Kyoto University


Kyoto University

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science

Kazuya (Kaz) TATSUMI, Associate Professor

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28 Oct. 2020