PhD Thesis


2020. 寺本 勝行 Reforming Characteristics of Methane–Ammonia Mixed Fuel on Ni–YSZ Catalyst:Fundamental Study toward Application to SOFC
2019.3.25 佐藤 理 航空機用エアサイクル空気調和システムの挙動解析手法に関する研究
2018.11.26 Tan Wee Choon Numerical Investigation of Ammonia-fueled Planar SOFC Stack-Internal and External Cooling Effects
2016.3.23 大森 寛子 A Numerical Study of Solid Oxide Iron-Air Battery: Thermodynamic Analysis and Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics
2013.3.25 岸本 将史 Three-Dimensional Microstructure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode: Observation, Quantification, and Application to Numerical Analysis
2013.3.25 Wongchanapai Suranat Development of Direct Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Model and its Applications for Biomass Power Generation
2013.3.25 Kyaw Kyaw Lin A Comprehensive Method to Estimate the Rate of Steam Methane Reforming over Surface Catalyst
2011.5.23 紺野 昭生 Novel Performance Enhancement Method by Mesoscale-Structure Control of Electrode-Electrolyte Interface in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
2010.3.23 加賀 邦彦 冷媒相変化と水分移動を考慮した熱回路網モデルによる空気調和用熱交換器の性能予測手法に関する研究
2005.3.23 小田 豊 Characteristics of thermoelectric power generation with rectangular-fin elements and its applicability in micro systems